• Celofiber

    Cellulose fiber, the natural upgrade.

  • Properties of Celofiber

    • Large product range for various applications
    • Natural raw material generated from plants
    • White, off-white and grey colored cellulose fibers
    • Fiber length from approx. 50 μm to 2500 μm
    • Temperature resistant up to 160°C for several days, up to 180°C for around one day"
    • High absorption and retention of liquid media
    • Insoluble in water and organic solvents
    • Resistant against acids and bases within a pH-value range of around 4 to 12"
    • Physiologically and toxicologically harmless
  • Main functions of Celofiber

    Strong thickening effect

    Improved processing characteristics

    Good liquid absorption capacity

    Better slump resistance

    Anti-Crack ability

    Reduced shrinkage

    Long open time

  • Celofiber

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